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Foamrig.com is your single source access specifically for pre-owned equipment used in the Spray Foam and Coating Construction Market.

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Is the general term used for a complete set up of all the necessary equipment needed for a mobile work site. Most often, FoamRigs are assembled in pull behind trailers, including proportioner, hoses, guns, compressor, work bench, chemical storage and a generator. Some rigs are built without a generator, relying on shore power at the job site. Verify specifically what is included on each FoamRig as each may vary.

Complete Foam Rig Assembly

Complete trailer or truck fitted with a proportioning unit, hose and transfer pumps, as well as all other accessories to function on a job site.

Proportioning Units

Proportion the Chemicals “A & B”, usually at a 1:1 ratio, adding heat and pressure to properly mix the materials resulting in quality Spray Polyurethane Foam. Proportioners vary by manufacturer, hydraulic, electric and output among other specifications

Guns and Hoses

Guns are used for atomizing spray foam and is where the actual mixing of the A & B materials occur. Guns may vary by manufacturer and triggering mechanisms, such as air purge and impingement. Hoses are specifically designed to add heat controlled at the proportioner. Hoses may vary by manufacturer, connections, hose wrap and color.

Transfer Pumps

Are used to move liquid from a container to the proportioner. Pumps may vary by manufacturer, output, and design, such as diaphragm pumps and stick pumps.


Used for providing onboard power to the FoamRig. Generators may vary by manufacturer, output and fuel source. Always make safety your top priority while using an onboard generator.


Can be used to supply air to transfer pumps, proportioners and other equipment such as safety equipment (PPE). Compressors may vary by manufacturer, intended use (Proportioner v PPE), output and fuel source.

Personal Protective Equipment

Should always be top priority, making these listings critical to your consideration. Listings include Personal Protective Equipment, air cooling breathing apparatus, nonwoven coveralls, chemical resistant gloves, among others.

Coating Pumps and Accessories

A variety of empty trailers and box trucks typically used to house all of the necessary equipment and accessories to build out a mobile materials processing rig.

Trailers and Trucks

Should always be top priority, making theses listings critical to your consideration. Listings include Personal Protective Equipment, air cooling breathing apparatus, nonwoven coveralls, chemical resistant gloves, among others.

Tools and Accessories

 Are for sourcing all other ancillary items that may be helpful such as hose hooks, work benches, scarifying equipment, Drum heaters, Liquid drum mixers, spare tires, hitch components, among others.

Insulation Blowing Machines & Accessories

A machine used to dispense traditional insulation materials, such as loose fill fiberglass, by creating strong airflow to blow the materials in a generally guided direction.

Insulation Vacuums & Accessories

A machine that works muck like a standard vacuum that is configured with a large hose to pick up traditional
insulation, such as loose fill fiberglass, and capture the material into disposable bags.

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