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Basic Listings ($50 Value) are Free* for SFWW users for a limited time.

How It Works is your single source specifically for pre-owned on pre-owned equipment for the Spray Foam and Coating Construction Market. Whether you have pre-owned equipment to sell, or you have a parts need you are looking to fill, can connect you to the entire market with a push of a button.  If you have pre-owned equipment you are looking to sell, simply register, purchase a listing, then enter in the info and upload any helpful photos.  Go live immediately to an awaiting national audience of thousands. earns 1% of the listing price on all listings.

* Free except for the 1% listing commission fee.  


Registering is free and simple.  Just hit the register now button on the front page or any one of the +submit a listing buttons and if you are not already registered it will take you to a login page where the option to create an account is right below the login frame.  Enter in the details and you will be redirected to your dash board.  Take a look around.  Our system is intuitive.   

Submit a Listing

Once in the dash board, just hit the blue button on the top right hand side that says Submit New Listing, purchase a listing package and then hit +submit new listing.  Pick the package and enter your details.   Use the real asking price or you will be banned for life and prosecuted.  You can purchase extra images, documents, and videos.  Listing Promotions are coming soon.  


Make sure to monitor the phone or email that you listed with your item.  You could get reported and banned from certain users if you do not communicate.  Use the dash board to see analytics and help us help you sell your pre-owned equipment!  Once sold you can mark the item as sold from within your dashboard or delete them entirely.   Listings will be automatically deleted after listing period. 
Basic Listing
  • 1 Listing
  • 90 Days per submission
  • 1 Photo
  • 0 Videos
  • 1 Document
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Enhanced Listing
  • 1 Listing
  • 90 Days per submission
  • 3 Photos
  • 1 Video
  • 2 Documents
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Premium Listing
  • 1 Listing
  • 90 Days per submission
  • 6 Photos
  • 2 Videos
  • 3 Documents
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  • 9999 Listing
  • 30 Days per submission
  • 6 Photos
  • 2 Videos
  • 3 Documents
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FoamRig Tutorials

To place a Listing start by hitting the submit button on the top right of the Navigation bar.  If you need to register or login, you will be prompted. This will take you to a page where new users can register or existing users can login.   Once logged in, or if already logged in, you will be redirected to the dashboard.

The dashboard will show you at a glance any active listings, messages or packages available.  You must have an active package before submitting a listing.  

You will also see information like analytics, expired listings, and a menu system on the left that can be expanded to look like this:  

In the top right you will see a Submit New Listing Button: Click the Submit New Listing Button.   You will be taken to the Package page where you can pick an existing Package or  “Purchase” a new one.  You must “purchase” an ad package in order to add a listing.  Each package has different perks so please pick the one that is best for you.   A Wanted listing is only for items that YOU want to buy.  Basic, Enhanced, and Premium Listings are for items you want to sell.  Once you Buy the package (there is a 100% discount code for this) it will appear in your package list: Here, Click one of the green Submit Listing boxes.

Go through the Five steps:

Once your Listing is Submitted you will see the Success Confirmation and also get emails pertaining to the listing.  You will then be taken to the checkout.

Apply a coupon code here if you have one!


Once payment is approved or coupon code is applied successfully you will see the listing in your dashboard and live on the site.

Here, you will see your active listing, and can make edits or delete it:

In the Listings view you can view, edit, or delete the listing. 

Reach out to for any support needed.


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